shut the fuck up

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Sarah Palin on Obama
“He’s got most disconnected, backasswards plan ever imposed on the country we love.”
i was looking for some inspiration for a post and i found this. it is a brilliant image i think. i know i wish i could shave my mouth shut sometimes. i find very often that i speak too quickly and don’t listen enough. strange behavior for a counselor…. or maybe not.
i heard that a friend relapsed on crystal recently. i haven’t seen him to tell for myself, however, i have noticed some things that seem odd and out of character for him. but i just don’t know.
i got a text from a family member whose phone i am paying for. he has lost the password to the phone service site to make changes and has gotten it from me 1x. i have been leery of giving it to him again. actually i think i want to chastise him for being so careless. but really he is careless and assumptive and that mix is noxious for me.
i made it known that i had requested a transfer at a work meeting today. it felt liberating. there are things i will miss, however, having to listen ad nauseum to the “mean girls” will not be missed. and i don’t care to hear clients imitated with no purpose either. i guess i draw some imaginary line between mocking customers and mocking people we are supposed to be caring for.
i picked up another party on friday night. it is at the home of a pretty well known businessman. i just worked his 80th bday party a few months ago. i only want to be 80 if i can be as spry as he.
if you haven’t tried the new haagen daaz peach flavored sorbet, run out now and get some… it’s sensational..

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