sounds of the 70’s

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strangely enough, i stumbled upon this blog by perusing soundcloud. i didn’t even know i had such a thing for old R&B, soul, funk, disco, blues,  (well – maybe that’s not quite accurate), but i find myself scouring the previous blog entries looking for gems as a miner used to pan for gold in the hills. and come across them i do.
marlena shaw, tata vega, pointer sisters, nancy wilson, angela bofill, trammps- a plethora of artists i haven’t heard in ages or didn’t even know about. if you have a thing for music, then i encourage you to visit this 70’s music blog. have fun, visit often, stay awhile.

From the 1975 RCA rarest LP of this east cost blues/soul artist, a precious hard-to-dig funky gemm that I love from A to Z, intro, clavinet, chorus, horns…
Rory Block – Lovin’of your life (RCA 1975)

Lasse Wellander – Hotel 167 – SOUNDSOFTHE70S.BLOGSPOT by soundsofthe70s.blogspot

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