HIVSTER – A Fresh Voice From Seattle

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TEN encourages you to take a look HIVSTER at a new site from Seattle featuring a collective of writers with some fresh perspectives and thoughtful points of view. click on the link below and read a bit about the soul of this new project. My previous post indicated it was in collaboration with, however this is incorrect. it is the efforts between Jesse Kendall and Brad Crelia of Seattle, WA.


One thought on “HIVSTER – A Fresh Voice From Seattle

    Brad said:
    October 14, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for the correction and for sharing our site. We hope that we can help make a difference by ridding the negative stigma attached to a positive HIV status. The CDC reports that 1/5 gay men in 21 major US cities are positive and half don't know. By bringing popular culture (fashion, music, art) together with up to date medical info we hope to create a space people enjoy but also become aware.

    Thanks again,

    Brad Crelia
    Co-creator and Managing Editor,


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