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Y. from Sweden


Sun, spring, freedom and Moroccan food. I want to travel!
I had the most h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s evening yesterday with L! Like two hyperactive 8 year olds, but fuelled with wine and possible high on sugar, we were howling with laughter at Davey Wavey’s impressions of how people kiss and how to be instagram famous. This dude is so hilarious, you’ll find a link to his channel HERE.

Were we supposed to study? Yes. Did we? No. But we did however design the outline of what could be the most epic summer-travel-experience of all time. Of course we assume we’ll be rich by then so we can actually afford it!


Tomorrow I have my first exam, (wish me luck) and in exactly 24 days I’m going to Athens. I’m already planning what to bring, am I the only one doing this? My boyfriend seem to think it’s necessary to pack like 10 minutes before…

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