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Recovery Coaching and Training for Individuals and Organizations We proudly offer peer-based trainings for not only individuals in recovery, but family members and organizations interested in being part of the solution. In 2016 we are collaboraing with peer run not-for-profits to produce affordable trainings that can increase the number of eligible recovery coaches in Colorado and help create a network of peer. Colorado is developing an IC & RC Peer Specialist Credential which should be ready for rollout in 2016. We have assembled Recovery Coach Trainings with the guidance and mentorship of Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) who are IC & RC approved. – You can visit CCAR at PCA Colorado believes in collaboration and is now working with Bobby Hornbuckle Foundation, Second Chance Center Colorado, Beyond Betty, as well as several other peer run organizations to match the diverse needs within our community.

Please open the docs below to learn more about our business plans.

spring training copy

PCA 4 day

CCAR Peer Code of Ethics 2003


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