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pink and yellow


an orchestrated move is happening within the Peer Coach Academy. a cross-city training at a very affordable rate is taking place with the hopes that a larger network of peer coaches in denver will begin to emerge. it seems to be garnering attention as we are saving enough seats to fill our capacity. we hope payments reflect interest, but we shall see.

simultaneously, we are in discussion with a local drug court to begin a training process for coaches within that system, with the introduction of ongoing supervision, recovery support connection, and alumni development. it’s a lot to offer, however we also know that the system needs to change in order to be more effective, and that change may begin at this time with us.

the colorado peer support credential has begun to move forward as well. i received a letter asking to submit the trainings to CDPHE along with a crosswalk to verify that the content satisfies the standards of both the IC & RC domains as well as the colorado core competencies. there are 6 trainings to submit before may 6.

this is definitely a plethora of activity for a couple of weeks.  i have been plugging away with outreach and “bam!” there are responses. in responding to all this interest, i am fortunate enough to have support that i can tap into and that is just what i  am doing. thomas hernandez, larry wall, lacey berumen, stacy charpentier, fell cadwallader , art woodard, jennifer hill, amanda kearney-smith, allison harden  are just a few people whose generosity and support may make all this happen in a timely fashion.  their talent, their know how, and their kindness are keeping me in the pink. thank you!!!

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