Strength in Numbers

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In 2008, I started a boutique newsletter for HIV positive individuals in Colorado. I had been doing advocacy work via an agency working with African Americans living with the virus. So many of the individuals I encountered were choking in stigma and shame. I am from Chicago where that shame is far less closeted and seemed less toxic. My intention was to create a publication that would put pictures of Coloradans living with HIV on the cover and be visible in many places to reduce this idea that people are alone.

I began to write articles that also brought some of the bigger solutions to problems from outside Colorado home to roost. I had been blogging for 2 years and had really founded that online recovery supervisor port and online support in general had saved my sobriety-or maybe I mean sanity.

Here is a post from 4 years ago about the network of souls who validated my journey and get me afloat in the seas of my uncertainty. I remain grateful for the support these bloggers and posters provided.



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