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The train has left the station. It hasn’t been without stops and starts, but it has been steady. This creative part of my psychology remains a mystery somehow. The power of filling an empty space with ideas, concept, strategy, and implementing them is perhaps my favorite high. I have learned over time that this ability and this process is a strength for me.

I so love the process of putting it together. As Sondheim said ” piece by piece, bit by bit” . Never have I indulged myself to the point of considering this art. It seems so much more like business. But it’s really not business if it’s not commerce and it’s certainly not commerce to me.

The Surrounded Event will :

  • Feature at least 5 live musical acts to perform and share some of their recovery.
  • Recognize Community Beacons whose work has impacted Colorado culture.
  • Celebrate Recovery Month in Colorado
  • Bring more attention to the overdose epidemic in Colorado
  • Celebrate the 5280 Recovery High School’s approval in 2017
  • Spotlight 18th Judicial District Problem Solving Courts- ( DRG can network with Amanda Myers – PSC Coordinator) at the event.
  • Raise awareness and funds for Harm Reduction Action Center using the shoes and balloons.
  • Interface with the Reel Recovery Film Festival with CeDAR at SIE.
  • Create and display a photography installation titled “Putting a Face on Recovery” which can be utilized to educate all year.
  • Utilize an Event App to create real-time interaction and data collection from attendants.
  • Enable sponsors to offer giveaways live during the fest to draw people to your booth.
  • Enable participants to pre-register people for the Fair Chance Job Fair at DU the following week.
  • Have a Dental organization to be present to offer screening and opportunity for care.
  • Include outreach and resources for Families affected by Substance Use and Mental Health.

Last year we asked churches and methadone clinics to participate in a shoe drive for the event. It seemed to engage and ignite some empathy with the clients at the clinic-

We would like to ask more if they will participate this year.

Please let me know if I can be of any help or answer any questions.

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