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Peer Coach Academy 2016 Catalog

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PCA Colorado is collaborating with Agami Health Services to produce several trainings this year. The first will be Four Fridays in July from 2p-10p. Participants will complete 32 hours of CCAR Recovery Coach Training on July 8, 15, 22, 29.

Contact for further information or to reserve a space. Become part of a growing network of recovery coaches and peer mentors in Colorado.

recovery coach training- june 2016

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Colleagues and Friends-
I have attached a flyer for the next Recovery Coach Training from Peer Coach Academy Colorado. Please consider sharing it with our colleagues and friends.

We have included 8 hours of Youth Mental Health First Aid to the Colorado training which totals 40 hours.

This really seems to add dimension to the 1/2 of recovery wellness planning training. 
Peer Coach Academy Graduates will be able to:
  • Describe Recovery Coach role and functions
  • List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery
  • Build skills to enhance relationships
  • Explore many dimensions of recovery of recovery and recovery coaching
  • Discover attitudes about self disclosure and sharing your story
  • Understand the stages of recovery
  • Describe the stages of change and their applications
  • Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege
  • Address ethical and boundaries issues
  • Experience recovery wellness planning
  • Practice newly acquired skills
Peer Coach Academy also offers ongoing supervision and continuing education options such as:
Recovery Coach Training with YMHFA                             40 hours
Ethical Considerations for Coaches-                                 12 hours
Spirituality for Coaches                                                          12 hours
MAT/MSR – Medication Supported Recovery                  08 hours
Legal Recovery Coaching                                                       12 hours
Self Care for Recovery Coaches                                            12 hours
Youth Mental Health First Aid                                             08 hours
HIV Peer Mentoring
(in conjunction w/ healthcare partners)                           40 hours
Advanced MI                                                                               08 hours
and coming soon-
Recovery Basics for Family Members                                   08 hours
Recovery Coaching for All
Family, Friends and Colleagues                                             30 hours
Adult Mental Health First Aid                                                 08 hours