Effective Peer Supervision Training

Studies show that peer professionals do better in a work situation with appropriate supervision. There  are at least 2 types of supervisors that we focus on with 2 different Peer Supervisor trainings- “Coachervision” – and “Effective Peer Supervision”.  The supervisor who is a peer themselves or familiar with working with peer coaches and has been promoted and the supervisor for an existing team or organization that plans to bring a peer coach on board. . We offer 2 types of Peer Supervision training to address the needs of these 2 types of supervisors.

1) CCAR’s “Coachervision” is for peer to peer supervision and explores supporting a newer coach’s growth. 

• Define expectations of Recovery Coach oversight
• Understand the complexity and intricacy of the Recovery Coach role
• Understand how organizational culture can support a Coachervision model
• Learn the importance of accountability for both the Coachervisor and

Recovery Coach
• How to support Recovery Coaches in professional settings

2)  “Effective Peer Supervision” is an F2F and online collaborative learning training which offers insight into how best to integrate a peer into your team and how to include “removing barriers and promoting recovery” into the workplace on a daily basis. Designed for the existing supervisor who is adding peer coaches to the team for the first time,”Effective Peer Supervision” includes 6-9 months follow up and an online learning collaborative to promote peer integration and learning for the supervisor.

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